Urethane Foam Tape Provides Excellent Cushioning & Gasketing in Variety of Applications

July 10, 2008
Pres-On, a leading manufacturer of quality adhesive solutions, is bringing added convenience, performance and economy to OEM’s with a new line of high-density, open cell urethane foam tapes that exhibit excellent cushioning characteristics to isolate vibrations, along with an absorbent property to trap moisture, light, dust and contaminants. Pres-On U6000 tape is coated on one-side with long-aging, high-tack acrylic adhesive, making it excellent for use in a variety of OEM product applications where gasketing, cushioning and a good recovery is required. The two-sided U6200 version of the tape can be used as an alternative in assembly applications to standard fasteners, as well as for the secure mounting of wire clips, electrical channels to walls, acoustic panels to ceilings and walls, or for the mounting of nameplates, interior signs and soap dispensers. The uniform cell structure of the foam allows it to be applied to most clean, dry materials, including uneven or rough surfaces. Both the U6000 and U6200 come in thicknesses of 1/32” to 1/8” foam in lengths of 50’ to 200’. To accommodate unique requirements Pres-On will manufacture the tapes in widths ranging from 3/16” to 54”. For a free sample, phone 800-323-7467.• Dynamic Tensile Bond 90 • Dynamic Shear Adhesion (PSI)95 • (180 peal adhesion stainless steel) • Liner Side100 • Exposed Side85 • Temperature-40 F to 200 F • Water and Humidity ResistanceExcellent • Shelf Life1 year stored at room temperature