Temperature Controller Series with New Algorithm

Aug. 6, 2008
RKC Instrument announces the release of the RB high performance temperature control series condensed into a slim 60mm depth case. Offered at an economical price, a new auto-tuning algorithm calculates optimum PID values to shorten the time to reach set value. After the PID values have been auto-tuned, Fine Tuning (FT) allows the operator to adjust control response speed with a 6-level adjustment parameter(-3 to +3) without changing the PID value. A start-up tuning function is used for applications which require a long time for conventional auto-tuning. This function can be selected at power-up, setpoint change, at power-up/setpoint change, and may be set as Only-once or Always-ON. These features mean stable control to eliminate overshoot/undershoot, and offers stability against external disturbances. The RB high performance controller provides precise control by sampling every 0.25 seconds.The RB Series is offered as Heat only or Heat/Cool and comes equipped with the ability to store up to 4 set values, 2 digital inputs, up to 4 alarm outputs which include loop and heater break alarming as well as standard alarms, and a USB loader port for setting parameters. Sizes include 1/16, 1/8 and ¼ DIN in a NEMA4X/IP66 rated case.Options include a retransmission output for a chart recorder or data acquisition and RS-485 communications to interface with a PC or PLC. RKC temperature and process controllers carry a three year warranty, CSA, CE, C-Tick, RoHS approvals and are UL recognized.  RKC products are distributed and supported in 27 countries throughout the world.The RB series is for both end-users and the OEM market in all of industries where temperature is an issue; including semiconductor, chemical, food processing and production, plastics, packaging, and electronics.• Temperature input group • Thermocouple : K, J, R, S, B, E, T, N (JIS/IEC), PLII (NBS), • W5Re/W26Re (ASTM) • •Influence of external resistance : Approx. 0.25µV/? • •Input break action : Up-scale / Down-scale (Selectable) • RTD : Pt100 (JIS/IEC), JPt100 (JIS) • •Influence of input lead resistance : Approx. 0.02[%/?] of reading • •Maximum 10? per wire • •Input break action : Up-scale • Voltage • current input group • Voltage : 0 to 1V DC, 0 to 5V DC, 1 to 5V DC, 0 to 10V DC • •Input break action : Uncertain (indicates a value around 0V) • Current : 4 to 20mA DC, 0 to 20mA DC • • Inputs is selectable within each group. • Sampling Time • 0.25 sec • • 0.05sec or 0.25sec is available. • Input Digital Filter • 0 to 100 sec (OFF when 0 is set.) • PV Bias • Temperature input : -1999(-199.9) to +9999(999/9)°C(°F) • Voltage/Current input : -span to +span • Set value : Same as input range. • Proportional band : 0(0.0) to input span (Temperature input) o • When 0.1°C (°F) resolution, within 999.9°C (°F) • to 1000.0% of span (Voltage, Current input) o (ON/OFF control when P = 0) o • Differential gap at ON/OFF control o (High/Low individual setting) : o Temperature input : 0(0.0) to 100 (100.0) (°C,°F) o Voltage/Current input : 0.0 to 10.0% of span • Integral time : 0 to 3600sec (P + D action when I = 0) • Derivative time : 0 to 3600sec (P + I action when D = 0) • Cool-side proportional band : 1 to 1000% of heat side proportional band • Anti-Reset Windup(ARW) :1 to 100% of heat side proportional band o (Integral action is OFF when ARW = 0) • Deadband/Overlap : -10 (-10.0) to 10 (10.0) °C (°F) (Temperature input) o -10.0 to +10.0% of span (Voltage, Current input) o • Minus setting : Overlap • Derivative time action select : 0 : PV derivative, 1 : Deviation derivative • Output limiter : -5.0 to +105.0% (PID control) o (High/Low individual setting) • to 105.0%Heat/Cool type PID control o (Only limiter high) o (Heat side/Cool side individual setting) • Proportional cycle time : 0.1sec, 0.25sec, 0.5sec, 1 to 100 sec • Manual output : Output limiter low to Output limiter high o • Auto/Manual transfer action selection o With bumpless/Without bumpless