Dual-Purpose Night Coat™ simplifies mold rust prevention

Aug. 20, 2008
New Night Coat Rust Preventive and Acid Neutralizer is now available from IMS Company, a leading provider of quality products for the plastics processing market.IMS Company has simplified rust prevention for plastics processors with the introduction of its New Night Coat Rust Preventive and Acid Neutralizer. The new product replaces two long-time IMS regulars: Overnight Mold Surface Protector and Step One Neutralizer and Dehydrator: Plastics processors benefit because only one product needs to be maintained in inventory, and only one product needs to be incorporated into the tooling-maintenance process and worker training. In addition IMS can maintain lower prices due to its own cost savings from simplification. Night Coat is a dual-purpose rust preventive and acid neutralizer. It can be used alone to prevent rust overnight and in the short term, or it can be used as an acid-neutralizing surface-preparation for IMS Step Two or other longer term rust preventive. A neutralizer such as Night Coat is a must when molding PVC or CPVC – where out-gassed hydrochloric gas combines with any moisture to create corrosive hydrochloric acid. The metal must be neutralized to prevent the long-term rust preventive from sealing in the acid and its resultant corrosion. Night Coat penetrates and “runs” – quickly wets out across the mold and displaces moisture, neutralizes acid and protects finely polished metal surfaces. It is easily removed with startup shots in injection molding or with standard solvents.