Aug. 1, 2008
As compared to conventional plastics, newly formulated grades of CoolPoly® thermally conductive polymers from Cool Polymers, Inc. offer better and more heat dissipation, and faster, longer lasting and overall improved benefits for wound coils and other electronic components and devices.  Applications include molded bobbins and other wound devices such as solenoids, ignition and clutch coils, surface mount coils and transformers.Characteristics and benefits formulated into the proprietary new grades are unavailable from conventional injection molding grade polymers, with these new polymers providing numerous advantages over metal.Cool Polymers is the undisputed leader in thermally conductive polymers and offers proprietary polymers for injection molding or complete injection molding services using these proven materials.  More than 100 million injection molded parts are currently using these plastics.The firm notes that the injection moldable polymers can withstand heat as high as 280o C (536o F), keep the device cooler than conventional plastics since they provide a more efficient heat conduction path to other components, last longer and even offer increased device power and efficiency.  Other benefits include reduced surface and part temperature, fast cycle times (as much as 50% faster) and increased device lifetime.It is a commonly known fact that coil windings have a tendency to rise in temperature during operation and bobbins made from conventional polymers are thermal insulators, with heat dissipated only by convection at the outer surface of the winding.  The materials from Cool Polymers, on the other hand, provide a more efficient heat conduction path to other components (most likely metallic) in contact with the bobbin.  The same sort of benefits apply using these polymers in other wound coil applications.