Stainless Steel Electrodes - Arcos Industries

Aug. 6, 2008
Arcos Industries, LLC now offers new bare and covered stainless steel electrodes, Arcos 16/8/2, which are manufactured for high temperature welding applications. The bare version of Arcos 16/8/2 (ER16/8/2) is primarily utilized for welding stainless steel Types 16-8-2, 316 and 347 for high pressure, high temperature piping systems. The covered electrode (E16/8/2) features good hot ductility properties and offers relative freedom from weld and crater cracking. It also provides additional safety in welding highly restrained joints or crack sensitive alloys. Both electrodes are designed for welding cat crackers and furnace parts. In addition, Arcos 16/8/2 products are well suited for welding components in the petrochemical, chemical processing and power generation industries.