Efficient Mixing of Large Batches

Aug. 12, 2008

The Blendcon® air blender by Dynamic Air is one of the fastest, most efficient blenders available for mixing large batches of dry bulk materials. It can typically blend a 300 cubic foot batch in just four minutes and can handle batches up to 200 tons in capacity. By producing large, consistent, homogeneous batches, the Blendcon air blender simplifies material handling and quality control and increases productivity.

The Blendcon air blender uses available plant compressed air to provide rapid, homogeneous blends for a wide range of dry granular materials of varying bulk densities and particle sizes. The blender can be installed on an existing or customer-supplied silo, or it can be ordered with a standard silo or custom-designed silo to suit your application.

• Temperature ? Minimun : -20° Fahrenheit (-29° Celsius) ? Maximum : 150° Fahrenheit (66° Celsius) • Pressure Max : 125 PSIG (8.62 barg)