July 31, 2008
Romi Machine Tools Ltd launches two new linear way slant bed lathes, designated GL240 and GL260. The GL240 has a 12-station tool turret, A2-5” spindle and a 240mm x 400mm work envelope. The GL260 will also have a 12-station turret, A2-6” spindle and 280mm x 500mm work envelope. These lathes are especially designed for high production environments with a balance of speed, power and precision. Romi GL machines sport massive headstock, bed and carriage assemblies for heavy-duty cutting. Their slant bed design absorbs cutting forces easily while allowing better chip fall. Linear ways and motors improve the machine’s axis positioning accuracy, smoothness and speed – eliminating the slip and stick prevalent with ballscrew systems. * X and Z axis rapid traverses: 30 m/min (1,181 ipm) * Headstock: ASA A2-5" - 6.000 rpm * Headstock: ASA A2-6" - 4.500 rpm * CNC: GE Fanuc 0i-TC, with 10.4" LCD color monitor * Linear guides: X and Z axis * Spindle motor: 20 hp / 15 kW * Tool Turret: 12 tools