Quick Lock Cable Conduit System

Aug. 6, 2008
Charlotte based Lutze Inc is launching a new innovative cable conduit system providing the fastest installation of any industrial conduit system. Lutze’s CONDUFIX system is extremely quick and simple to install compared to traditional conduit installations. This patented Quick Lock system uses holding cams to provide a mechanical lock with a user-friendly release mechanism. It offers four different industrial conduit designs and a wide range of matching conduit fittings to provide Lutze customers with just the right solution for their cable protection needs. The uniquely 3-staged conduit profile maintains its roundness even when bent preventing kinks. The innovative tapered conduit socket provides IP66 rating, which can be increased to IP68 simply by inserting an O-ring into the last groove. The IP rating can be improved even further with an additional flat seal achieving IP69K rating as used in the food processing industry. Therefore, the Lutze CONDUFIX provides the highest level of protection against external influences even in harsh industrial environments. The four CONDUFIX conduits range from light weight to medium to reinforced versions made of PA6 corrugated conduit for various loads. The PA12 corrugated conduit version is suitable for robotic applications with continuous motion. The wide-ranging selection of matching cable fittings and connectors for the PA conduits includes fittings with PG, NPT and metric threads. These fittings are manufactured either with a plastic or metal thread. The connectors feature straight, 45°- and 90°-angle and arch designs. Additionally 90°-angle flanges as well as T & Y design splitters and other accessories complement the selection.