Miniature Voice Coil Motor

March 22, 2018
Moticonts voice coil motor offers a high force-to-size ratio.

Smaller in diameter than a quarter, the miniature Linear Voice Coil Motor, LVCM-019-016-02, from Moticont has a high force-to-size ratio!  It produces 8.9 oz. (2.5 N) of continuous force and 28.0 oz. (7.8 N) of peak force in a compact 0.750 diameter x 0.94 in. long envelope (at mid stroke).  This high-speed motor has zero cogging and features high accuracy, and high repeatability to less than1 ?m (0.00004 in.) when operated in a closed loop as a DC servo motor.


This clean, quiet, efficient, low inertia, high acceleration, miniature voice coil motor is ideal for applications such as: Pick-and-place, testing, laser steering, laser speckle reduction, mirror positioning, scanning, oscillation, switching, and hand held medical, dental, or industrial applications.


The miniature LVCM-019-016-02 linear voice coil motor has a stroke length of 0.25 in. (6.4 mm). and is easily added to new or existing applications using the precision drilled and tapped 8-32 UNC-2B mounting holes. Other smaller and larger models as well as custom designs are available.  The LVCM-019-016-02 linear voice coil motor can be order as a complete plug-and-play system including an encoder and controller.