Multi-Function Counter H7BX Offers 6 Operating Modes

Sept. 30, 2008

Meeting machine builders' counting and positioning needs, the H7BX multi-function counter delivers simple preset and batch counting functions as well as advanced dual counter and tachometer functions. It fits standard DIN cutouts with a front panel measuring 72 x 72 mm and shallow mounting depth of 100 mm. The large, 6-digit highly visible backlit LCD display can be set to change color (red/green) when status changes enabling operators to check output status at a distance. User settings are simplified with a key for each digit on the IP54 rated front panel. Basic function setup via internal DIP switches, and 5-level key access protection with panel indicator discourage unauthorized setting changes. The counters comply with UL, CSA and RoHS standards and have CE marking.


Omron's H7BX provides a total and preset counter, batch counter, dual counter, and tachometer. It accepts a wide range of inputs--NPN/PNP (multi-inputs), 2-wire DC sensors--for increment, decrement, command, individual, and quadrature operation modes. All models provide both contact output rated 3 A at 250V DC/30V DC, and NPN transistor output rated 100 mA max. at 30V DC. The main display PV height is 13.5 mm and SV height is 9.5 mm. The display can be set for green or red and it can be programmed to change when a specific value is reached. The set value range can be selected as -99999 to 999999 or 0 to 999999. 

  • H 72 x W 72 x D 100mm
  • Total and preset counter, batch counter, dual counter and tachometer
  • Two-color display value, red or green
  • 6-digit, -99999 to 999999, set value -99999 to 999999 or 0 to 999999
  • Input contact, NPN or PNP
  • Easy operation with a key for each digit