Broad Selection of Pressure Sensors

Sept. 3, 2008
Kavlico, a global business unit of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) has a full line of pressure sensors that address the needs of the HVAC/R industry.  Manufactured for high volume, OEM applications, Kavlico pressure sensors provide accurate and repeatable pressure measurements for such applications as:HVAC – variable air volume (VAV) systems, static duct pressure, filter pressure monitoring, combustion air flow, modulated furnace controls, and gaseous leak detectionRefrigeration – chillers, supermarket refrigeration, refrigerant suction & discharge monitoring, and hydronic systems and steam recoveryLow range differential pressures are available from 0-1 to 0-10” H20 while gage and absolute versions are available in pressure ranges up to 6,000 psi.  The sensors require a supply voltage of 5 Vdc and provide a 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc linear amplified output proportional to pressure for gage and absolute versions while the low range differential pressure sensors provide a 0.25 to 4.0 Vdc output.Other significant features include EMI, RFI, and reverse polarity protection, excellent long-term stability, and low hysteresis.  The sensors are available in a wide range of housing materials including stainless steel, brass, and plastic composite dependent upon product model number.  A host of electrical and process connections, including a Schrader deflator are available to meet customer design specifications.  All sensors are fully temperature compensated.  Kavlico’s HVAC/R sensors are RoHS compliant and carry the CE mark.These HVAC/R pressure sensors utilize a ceramic capacitive, capacitive MEMS or oil-filled piezoresistive (PRT) sense element.  Private label sensors for high volume applications are also available.