Aware™, AM/FM radio ear muff with ability to hear the environment

Oct. 16, 2008
Elvex Aware AM/FM model (Com-680) has all the features of our standard radio earmuffs, and adds “Aware technology”, or simply the ability to hear the environment while you listen to radio.•    Two separate volume controls allow you to set the radio and the environmental sound level. You can turn off either function, and for instance use the amplification feature without using the radio.•    The ability to hear “what’s around” is a valuable safety feature in many industrial environments.•    Aware is equipped with a 3.5 mm input jack, so that you can listen to auxiliary devices such as i-Pods, scanners and Com radios. You can simultaneously listen to the environment and/or the radio.•    Just in case you forget to turn off your radio headset, we have assured that you do not come back to a dead unit, by incorporating an automatic four-hour automatic shutoff. •    A sensitive radio offers FM and AM reception, so that you may listen to music, your favorite sports team or talk radio show.•    The electronics has been separated from the hearing protection cavities, in order to avoid the problems associated with moisture and sweat affecting the life span of the electronics. •    The sound generated by the speakers is limited to a safe 82 dB level with the use of a gain limiter.•    Aware is also equipped with an impulse sound limiter.•    Independent testing established a Noise Reduction Rating of 22 dB