Hopper Bottom Container Offers an Ergonomic Solution to Storing and Dispensing Fasteners and Other Small, Dense Items

Oct. 4, 2008
Universal Package Systems offers a plastic bulk container with a 32” x 30” footprint and a hopper style bottom designed to store and dispense fasteners, screws and other small, uniformly shaped, dense items. The new container is 34” tall and features a pallet style base accessible on all four sides, making it easy to move with a forklift or pallet jack when full or empty. A simple but effective slide gate on the 32” side allows product to be dispensed using gravity at an easily controllable flow rate. It eliminates the need to store or stage items in smaller, but less durable containers such as corrugated boxes that can easily tear, rip or break open. Fasteners and similar items are typically stored in small boxes so they can be lifted and handled manually as needed. The weight of the boxes however, presents a potential ergonomic problem that can lead to worker injuries. The hopper bottom is designed to handle up to 1200 lbs, and eliminates the constant manual lifting of small heavy loads. With a smooth, angled interior, all product is completely dispensed, and no secondary removal processes are necessary. Custom mounting racks can be built based on need and location to dispense product into small containers, or to a conveyor or assembly line. A stock stand, lids and liners are also available.