DU-5K with Integrated Trackball

Nov. 12, 2008
iKey, LTD released the DU-5K-TB, an updated version of one of their most popular industrial keyboards. The new keyboard combines the layout of the DU-5K with the precision of an integrated trackball into one user-friendly package.    The DU-5K-TB’s 25-mm trackball, which is the first fully sealed trackball of its size on the market, features keys above it for left, middle and right click capabilities. It can be easily removed for cleaning to ensure continuous functionality in dirt and debris-filled environments. “Many of our customers require the precision pointer accuracy that only a trackball can deliver,” Dave Huddleston, iKey Operations Manager, said. “In response to customer feedback, we chose to integrate the 25-mm laser trackball into our most popular industrial keyboard footprint.”    The DU-5K-TB is the latest in iKey’s line of popular DU-5K industrial keyboards. It joins the original DU-5K with integrated HulaPoint II™, the DU-5K-TP2 with touchpad, the intrinsically safe DU-5K-IS and the nonincendive DU-5K-NI. Currently, the DU-5K-TB is iKey’s most economical trackball solution.Like others in the DU-5K line, the DU-5K-TB is fully sealed to NEMA 4X specifications, ensuring it can withstand dirty, wet and corrosive environments. Measuring 14.94" x 6.63" x 1.81", it is constructed of a highly rugged, ABS polycarbonate case and an industrial silicone rubber keypad, making it easy to clean. The keyboard also features 116-key functionality, including 24 function keys.Because of its durability, the DU-5K-TB is ideal for industrial applications. It comes with built-in mounting holes and is available in both PS/2 and USB configurations.