Proportional Pressure Control Valve for the Roughest Environments

Nov. 22, 2008
Proportion-Air’s QPV ultra high resolution, closed loop, electronic proportional pressure control valves are made for the toughest environments. The QPV maintains its impressive resolution of +/- 0.005% F.S. in any orientation without the need for recalibration. The QPV is shock resistant and ships with all the required filtration and electrical connectors included. Combine these features with the anodized aluminum housing providing NEMA 4 or IP65 rated protection for the fully enclosed version making the QPV functional in the most demanding applications. The advanced technology incorporated into the control circuit, two valves and the sensor making up the QPV, results in significantly improved resolution, virtually zero dead band and longer valve life. Control pressures range from vacuum to 150 psig. It has exceptional low pressure control at very high resolution with ranges as low as 0 to 2 inches of water. Digital displays are available and the QPV can be controlled by a variety of analog signals and offers an analog output signal as well. The QPV has been successfully used in a variety of applications including leak testing, air over saline medical applications and to calibrate altimeters in aircraft among many others. • Supply Voltage - 15VDC • Supply Current - 100mADc • Command Signal • Voltage - 0VDC • Current - 4m ADc • Analog Monitor Output • Voltage - 0VDC • Current - 4m ADc • Inlet Pressure (1) - Full Vacuum • Pressure Range (2) - Full Vacuum • Flow Rate - 0 • Filtration Required - 40 micron • Resolution - ±0.2%F.S. • Accuracy (Pressure) - ±0.5%F.S. • Accuracy (Monitor) - ±0.5%F.S. • Hysteresis (4) - - • Repeatability - ±0.2%F.S. • Port Size (all) - • Critical Volume (5) - ±0.2%F.S.