Accumulation Conveyor Removes the Pressure

May 15, 2017

Glide-Line ZP, a gentler, more reliable and energy efficient conveyor solution by eliminating 100% of backpressure caused by accumulation.


With traditional conveyors, there is often backpressure from upstream pallets bumping into each other and stacking up, which can compromise product integrity and quality. In addition, motors running continuously, regardless of actual conveyor requirements cause extra friction, unnecessary wear and tear on the entire system including bearings, belts and motors, effectively reducing the life of the entire system. Continuously running the conveyors also wastes energy.


With Glide-Line's new ZP Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor, motors only run when a product approaches and has a permissive from downstream maintaining a gap between products so no back pressure is created. Each accumulation zone is powered by a 24VDC brushless motor and can handle loads up to 200 lbs. each. The motors are daisy-chained to one another and each one uses its own driver card completely with integrated "zero pressure" logic, including inputs for local sensors.


With individually managed accumulation zones, Glide-Line's new Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors ensure there's always a gap between products. Integrated zero-pressure logic enables gentle product handling by turning motors on and off as needed, greatly reducing wear and tear on the motors and the conveyor itself. The brushless DC motors used in the ZPA Conveyors are virtually silent and rated for 300,000 hours each.