630mm Pallet HMC for Medium Size, Precise Parts

Nov. 14, 2008
Mitsui Seiki recently introduced its new “HPX-63” 4-axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center to manufacturers in North America. Some of the key design criteria included in this new machine include a large work size capacity featuring a swing diameter up to 1050mm and a work height (Y-axis) up to 1050mm. Axis stroke is 1000mm in X-axis and 900mm in Z-axis. The pallet size is 630mm. The B-axis rotary table offers 12 rpm and high torque, high acceleration properties. The rapid travel rates are 32m/min with 0.5G acceleration/deceleration. The cutting feed rate is 12m/min. This machine, as with all Mitsui Seiki machining centers, is made for precision work. Its castings are metallurgically configured for the utmost stiffness, its box way axis slides are hardened, ground, and hand scraped. All assembly surfaces are hand scraped and fitted. The assembly is then meticulously inspected to ensure both geometric and positioning accuracy. Positioning accuracy and repeatability is 0.001mm.The ruggedness, rigidity, and precision of the HPX-63 make it ideal for the aerospace, energy, compressor, mold and die, fixtures and tooling, automotive prototyping, and general precision machining industries. Titanium, Inconnel, tool steel, stainless steels, and aluminum are among the materials the HPX-63 can cut effectively. The spindle, Mitsui’s own, automatically compensates for thermal changes and does not require a “warm up” period. The company offers several spindle options to meet user needs for direct or gear drives and the amount of torque and rpm requirements. Mitsui Seiki also has a choice of coolant and filtration options. “Our existing users loved our current HU63A design,” says Tom Dolan, Vice President. “Its superb accuracy, rigidity, and reliability helped make it the most popular Mitsui Seiki of all time. The brand new HPX-63 will allow us to build on that reputation while adding even more significant value for our clients. The faster speeds, increased capacity, and ability to work with even tougher work materials should permit them to enhance their own strengths in a very competitive business environment. Judging by the customer reaction to the HPX-63 at IMTS, we are convinced we have another winning product for the high end machining industry”