Pushbuttons, indicators, switches, selector switches and key switches

Nov. 4, 2008
EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces offers RoHS compliant Series 14 products, universally commended as a precise, visual, tactile switching system.Visual aesthetics are a key feature for the RoHS compliant Series 14 range of raised and flush mount pushbuttons, indicators, switches, selector switches and key switches. EAO’s Series 14 is available in 22.5 and 30.5mm mounting sizes and features a low back panel depth, benefiting engineers in terms of smooth integration into an end application, especially where space is restricted. Illumination is available through T5.5 lamps or high intensity single chip LED’s.EAO’s Series 14 is available with a good choice of lenses, protective front rings and bezels, in both stylish and robust aluminum and stainless steel as well as plastic. Rated at IP67, the Series 14 offers protection against vandalism, harsh treatments and cleaning. These durable products are ideal for operating in wet or dusty conditions.For its reassuring tactile click, the Series 14 features self-cleaning, snap-action or low level switching elements with gold-plated silver contacts. The Series 14 is connected by plug-in or solder terminals. For PCB-mounting, an adapter is available.Simple installation, longer switch life and lower maintenance costs make it the perfect human machine interface solution for rugged control panels which must resist impact, air pollution and chemical washing, for example machinery, medical instruments and payment terminal applications.