FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology offers Pressure Sensor with USB Output

Nov. 5, 2008
FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc (www.futek.com) is now offering its PFP350 Pressure Sensor with an USB output option. FUTEK Engineering Labs has been working on the USB technology since the 2nd quarter of 2008 as the demand for USB Output has increased. Utilizing metal foil strain gage technology, the PFP350 is made from 17-4 Stainless Steel, weighs 5.5 oz, has mV/V output as a standard and ranges from 300 – 10,000 psig. This PFP350 is designed and manufactured in USA. Product Highlights:     ?    Metal foil strain gauge technology    ?    17-4 Stainless Steel Construction    ?    Weight: 5.5 oz    ?    Unamplified out mV range    ?    Capacities from 300 – 10,000 psigFUTEK also offers its Semi Flush Mount (PFS) and OEM (PMP) series as additional solutions in the Pressure Sensor line. In addition to our Pressure Sensors, FUTEK carries over 400 products covering various Load Cells, Torque Sensors, Force Sensors and related Instruments.