UCL-510 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Nov. 12, 2008
The UCL-510 offers an innovative solution for challenging fluid measurement with no moving parts. This highly accurate and reliable sensor is built for general purpose, small tank applications 49.2” (1.25m) or less and offers switch, controller and transmitter capabilities in one multi-function transmitter. The UCL-510 is packaged within a compact sensor with a 2” dead band and an innovative PC interface that provides fast and accurate configuration. The UCL-510 is suited for corrosive and dirty applications and is virtually maintenance free and reduces tank system hardware. The product combines 4 relays, 4-20mA output and pump/valve control in one small sensor for a total fluid handling and automation solution.“Gems’ new line of ultrasonic level sensors offers our customers an innovative non-contact solution for both small and large tank applications. These highly accurate sensors provide flexibility and control for challenging fluid measurement applications” says Kevin Castonguay, Product Marketing Manager for Gems Sensors  Controls.  • Range - 49.2" (1.25 m) • Accuracy - 0.125" (3 mm) • Resolution - 0.019" (0.5 mm) • Beam Width - 2" (5 cm) • Beam Width - 2" (5 cm) • Dead Band - 2" (5 cm) • Supply Voltage - 24 VDC (loop) • Process Temperature - 20°F to 140°F (-7°C to +60°C) • Cable Length - 48" (1.2 m)