Wire Ferrule and Ring Lug Crimp Tools

Dec. 17, 2008
Automation Systems Interconnect (ASI) is pleased to announce the launch of their new line of wire ferrule and ring lug crimp tools.  Many companies today are using ferrules on the ends of the wire to prevent fraying of strands and to make it easier for termination in both screw clamp and spring clamp terminal blocks.  At the same time they have found that the tools and ferrules coming out of Germany, while good, are extremely expensive.  ASI, as we have done with many of our products such as DIN rail cutters, has addressed this problem by introducing a line of high-quality, low-cost crimp tools, ferrules and screwdrivers.  The crimping tool will crimp wires ranging from 22 to 4 AWG and is compatible with all of the standard size ferrules and ring lug connectors.  This tool has been ergonomically designed in order to reduce fatigue when crimping large numbers of wires.