Dec. 9, 2008
Cherry Electrical Products introduces four new series of AC/DC water-resistant rocker switches; the KS, KG, KT, and KM Series. These IP56 certified switches are ideal for panel-mount applications in which the switches will be exposed to dust and water. The KS Series has a rating of 16 amps at 125 VAC, and the KG, KT, and KM Series are all rated at 20 amps at 125 VAC. All four series are rated for 21 amps at 14 VDC. The KS, KG, and KM Series switches fit an industry-standard panel cut-out of 36.8mm x 21.2mm, while the KT Series fits a slightly more condensed cut-out of 36.8mm x 15.2mm. All series offer 0.250” (6.35mm) quick-connect tab termination. The KT and KM Series are available in lighted and non-lighted versions. The KS and KG Series are available as non-lighted. Cherry KS, KT and KG Series switches are UL approved on AC loads. All four series are available from stock through Cherry authorized distributors.• Electrical • Dielectric Strength: 1500VAC for 1minute • Insulation Resistance: 108 ohms min at 500VDC • Initial Contact Resistance: 0.050 ohms max • Temperature Rating: -20°C to +85°C • Materials • Actuator: Soft Material Molded Polycarbonate Lens • Housing: Nylon 66 94V-2 min. • Bezel: Nylon 66 with 33% Glass Fiber • Spring: Steel Wire • Contacts: Silver-plated Copper Alloy • Movable Arm: Silver-plated Copper Alloy Terminals: Silver-plated Copper