Lumex announces an expansion of the company’s extensive line of high-power technologies with the introduction of AstraLED™ RGB, an innovative high-power LED that combines cost and space savings with superior color performance.“AstraLED RGB is ideal for a wide variety of kitchen appliance, communications equipment, medical device, automotive and sign applications that require bright, intense light with low power consumption,” explains Jeff Oliveros, Director of Engineering for Lumex. “High-power LEDs are a rapidly growing market and innovative RGB high-power LEDs represent the latest generation of technology designed to enhance efficiencies and provide design engineers with greater opportunities for color innovation.”The use of an AstraLED RGB can result in up to a 30% cost savings , as well as 67% real estate package savings when compared to the use of individual high power red, green and blue packages. The use of a single RGB package also enhances production efficiencies as a single part number eliminates the need for three separate LED part numbers. The high-power AstraLED RGB provides color rendering performance that is superior to traditional phosphor converted high-power white LED technologies. This feature offers enhanced color consistency and is especially beneficial in both consumer and commercial appliance lighting applications that require warm white that closely matches incandescent lighting, such as accent lighting or landscape lighting. The RoHS compliant AstraLED RGB provides ultra-bright, full-color output in a 3-Watt high-power package.  AstraLED RGBs deliver light intensity of 8/25/20 lumens respectively at 300mA (red), 350mA (green) and 350mA (blue) of current with an operating temperature of -30°C ~ +85°C.  AstraLED RGBs have an off-the-board height of 3.3mm (0.13 inches) and occupy a circuit board footprint which is 10mm x 16mm (0.39 inches x 0.63 inches).  They are available in tubes for automatic insertion.The new units can withstand standard lead-free reflow soldering temperatures up to 260°C.