Long-stroke gripper

Dec. 3, 2008

SCHUNK has tailored its LEG long-stroke electric gripper to meet the automation requirements of the packaging industry regarding lightweight gripping systems with flexible strokes. The LEG was developed as a lightweight gripper weighing only 8.8 kg. When operated with a single servomotor, it delivers a gripping force of 1140 N and a variable stroke from zero to 568 mm.
The side cheeks of the modular system are available in various sizes, as are the connecting elements, guide rails, and slides. This variability makes it possible to design the gripper for the various tasks and payloads of diverse branches of industry.
The LEG is available with pneumatic or electric drives, and servo-electric drives make it possible to measure and regulate the gripping forces. With the use of a single servomotor, the gripper fingers move synchronously; with two motors the gripper fingers can move independently to any position in the gripping range. In addition, the user has unlimited freedom in the choice of servomotors; robot manufacturers, for example, can use their own motors in the LEG to control both the robot and the gripper with the same command sets.
A changing system enables both manual and fully automatic replacement of the fingers without the use of tools, so that the entire gripper system can be flexibly adapted to changing tasks.

• Stroke per finger [mm] : 281 • Permanent gripping force (100% ED) [N] : 1500 • Permanent gripping force (100% ED) [N] : 1500 • Max. gripping force [N] : 300 • Weight : 10.8 • Recommended workpiece weight [kg] : 22.5 • Opening/closing time [s] : 1.5 • Max. permitted finger length [mm] : 600 • Max. permitted weight per finger [kg] : 10 • IP class : 41 • Min. ambient temperature [°C] : 5 • Max. ambient temperature [°C] : 5 • Repeat accuracy [mm] : 65 • Max. speed [mm/s] : 0.05 • Max. acceleration [m/s2] : 1.5