Matting Provides Safe, Affordable Flooring

Jan. 17, 2009
Pres-On, a leading manufacturer of adhesive products, is helping businesses combat slips in the workplace by introducing a new line of adhesive-backed matting in PVC (R-200) and textured thermoplastic rubber (T-200). Both provide outstanding slip-resistance on floors, step stools, ladders, lockers and running boards, while also exhibiting excellent traction on work tables and counters being employed for assembly or service.Both matting products feature rugged construction to resist wear in heavy commercial or industrial environments. While staying firmly in place thanks to an acylic adhesive applied to the flooring side, Pres-On matting can be cleaned easily, plus will not absorb oils, chemicals or grease, adding to their long-lasting value.In addition, the matting's dense composition deadens noise, contributing to a safer, more productive workplace. Like all Pres-On products, the new matting can be custom ordered to the length, width and thickness required by the application or in specialized die-cuts. Standard size in the PVC matting is 3/32-inch thickness in a length of 75 feet. For the thermosplastic rubber, the standard size is 1/16-inch in a length of 50-feet. Both standard sizes can be be ordered in widths of 1/4-inch to 54 inches.