High Performance/High Value Pancake Load Cell

Jan. 9, 2009
Stellar Technology’s  new Model PNC700 is a high performance, feature rich, general purpose tension/compression load cell which combines high accuracy (0.05% BFSL),  high off axis performance, high fatigue life, and large industry standard loading threads with a very competitive price.  The Model PNC700 comes standard with 3 mV/V output.  Optional internal or in-line amplifiers are available for those applications requiring high level analog or digital output, including CANbus. Versatile enough to handle ranges from 100 lbf to 100,000 lbf and survive in temperatures from -65F° up to +400°F, the PNC700 provides the ideal combination of price and performance required for applications that need a reliable, rugged, high accuracy, pancake style, tension/compression load cell. Each PNC700 load cell is designed for dependable performance in harsh environments-- all welded stainless steel, O-ring seal at connector and shock and vibration protected.   Hermetic versions are also available.  To enhance overall performance, the Model PNC700 is also barometrically compensated.  The standard compensated temperature range is 70° to 170°F.   The PNC700 features a static overload capacity of 150% FSO as well as improved tolerance to off-axis loading in order to survive the most punishing applications. The PNC700 is available in tension only, tension and compression, or compression only configurations.    This high performance load cell is also available with a variety of options including metric threads, submersible configurations, dual or triple bridge designs, special full scale ranges (English or Metric) and a selection of electrical terminations and connector orientations.• Capacities From 100 to 100,000 lbs FSO (see table). • Output 3 mV/V nominal. • Accuracy 0.05% FSO BFSL. • Linearity 0.05% FSO TYP. • Hysteresis 0.05% FSO TYP. • Repeatability 0.02% FSO. • Compensated Temperature Range 70°F to 170°F. • Operating Temperature Range -65°to 250°F. • Temperature Effect on Zero 0.002% FSO/ F. • Temperature Effect on Span 0.002% Reading/°F. • Zero Balance 1% FSO. • Bridge Resistance 350 Ohms nominal.