MXB-U belt-driven actuator delivers velocities up to 200 inches/second

Jan. 10, 2009
The new belt-driven linear actuator from Tolomatic features an unguided carriage system that is capable of velocities of up to 200 inches/second and accelerations of up to 1,200 inches/second2. Designed for automated assembly, milling or work center positioning of externally guided parts, the MXB-U actuator is ideal for applications that require high linear velocities and accelerations, long stroke lengths and high duty cycles. “For factory automation applications that involve externally guided components, the MXB-U unguided belt-driven actuator provides an economical, compact and pre-engineered linear-motion solution,” says Aaron Dietrich, electric product manager, Tolomatic. “With Tolomatic’s Endurance TechnologySM for extended service life and the actuator’s low guide plate height, the MXB-U can easily handle the most demanding motion control applications.”MXB-U Belt Drive Actuator: General Specifications • MXB-U SIZE: 63 • BELT WIDTH: 1.97in; 50mm • BELT DEAD LENGTH: 36.11in; 917.2mm • PULLEY PITCH DIAMETER: 917.2in; 54.1mm • STROKE PER REVOLUTION: 6.692in; 170.0mm • MAXIMUM STROKE: 100in; 2540mm MXB-U Belt Drive Actuator: Weights • MXB-U SIZE: 63 • PLATE ASSEMBLY: 2.54lb; 1.15Kg • BELT TENSIONER ASSEMBLY: 0.83lb; 0.38Kg • BASE ACTUATOR: 16.44lb; 7.46Kg • PER UNIT OF STROKE: 0.833lb/in; 0.1488 kg/cm MXB-U Belt Drive Actuator: Breakaway Torque • MXB-U SIZE: 63 • SINGLE CARRIER: 20.0lb-in; 2.260 N-M • AUXILIARY CARRIER OPTION: 25.0lb-in; 2.825 N-M MXB-U Belt Drive Actuator: Inertia • MXB-U SIZE 63 • DRIVE /IDLE PULLEY ASSEMBLIES: 1.9512lb-in²; 5.7101kg-cm² • PLATE ASSEMBLY • (INCLUDING BELT TENSIONER ASSEMBLY): 4.2168lb-in²; 12.3401kg-cm² • PER UNIT OF STROKE: 0.0216lb-in²; 0.0249kg-cm² MXB-U Belt Drive Actuator: General Performance • MAXIMUM VELOCITY: 200 in/sec; 5080 mm/sec • MAXIMUM ACCELERATION: 1200 in/sec²; 30.48 m/sec² • **TEMPERATURE RANGE: 10 to 130 °F; -12 to 54 °C • REPEATABILITY: ± 0.002 in; ± 0.051 mm • ***STRAIGHTNESS, FLATNESS: 0.00067 L in; 0.01702 L mm