VERYX 2.0 Line of Digital Sorters

March 9, 2022
With an improved design, Key Technology's VERYX 2.0 line of digital sorters advances high-performance sorting of food products.

With a new mechanical layout, the VERYX 2.0 line of digital sorters features next-generation LED illumination, enhanced laser scanner technology, and powerful software driven by AI. Easing use and improving the accuracy of foreign material (FM) and defect removal, the line advances high-performance sorting of food products.


The belt sorters’ architecture houses all utility components within the frame. All door seals have been updated to a new patented design.


Improving sort performance, the LED illumination system delivers light with less scatter and reduced shadowing effects, improving the sorter’s FM and defect detection.


New digital receivers produce high resolution while delivering a signal that is more accurate and consistent.


The FM Alert software is a monitoring tool that sends alerts if a critical FM event occurs and records a time-stamped image of each FM object detected by the sorter. AI techniques assist FM Alert in analyzing captured FM images to further improve the accuracy of its record-keeping.


With a new suite of data analytics solutions and improvements to software, the VERYX 2.0 has the capability to achieve more accurate evaluations when making classifications and sort decisions.


Additional sanitation upgrades further ensure that the line can withstand even the harshest operating environments.

  • Improved design for sanitation and protection of critical components
  • New LED technology
  • Next-gen laser sensors
  • AI-powered software features
  • Key Discovery data analytics