Lincoln Electric has introduced its new line of DownFlextables,including the 100-NF, 200-M and 400-MS. These dual-purpose workbench and extraction units are designed for the removal of welding fumes and dust extraction for welding, plasma cutting, grinding and finishing operations. 

Designed with the operator in mind, these DownFlex tables are hands free and easy to use, capturing fumes and dust at the source. These tables are ergonomically designed with adjustable legs, hinged side doors to accommodate larger parts and front access to all controls and maintenance operation. 

The DownFlex 400-MS features automatic self-cleaning controls and disposable filters. It is specifically designed for medium to heavy-duty applications. The DownFlex 200-M, available for use with disposable filters, is also for light to medium-duty applications.

Ideal for operators in harsh environments, the DownFlex 100-NF model is the ideal choice for individuals who prefer to build their own customized extraction system but require a rugged and durable downdraft table.