Jan. 7, 2009
For greater safety on the shipping/receiving dock, APS Resource® introduces the new, energy saving, FT Ultra LED™ Docklight.The bright, 15 watt, FT Ultra LED™ Docklight fully illuminates the entire trailer with an abundant amount of light output with minimum amount of energy.  Using 1/10 the energy of a traditional incandescent, the FT Ultra LED 50,000 hour lamp life saves on utility, maintenance and replacement costs.  Designed to withstand impact, the FT Ultra LED resists damage from fork truck traffic. The 33” stainless steel, flexible arm allows for precise positioning, permitting the user to aim light at the optimal spot to illuminate the truck and facilitate loading or unloading. The impact resistant LED light head withstands the rigorous demands of the loading dock and stays cool to the touch.The highly visible, safety yellow control box with on/off switch, has pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation and a convenient, 120-volt outlet for powering other dock accessories or tools.  An optional 8” standoff bracket is also available.Saving energy while protecting the environment is a top priority for many companies. Using only 15 watts, the FT Ultra LED saves a significant amount of energy and costs compared to a traditional 150 watt light, without sacrificing lighting performance.Perfect for food and pharmaceutical facilities, the FT Ultra LED™ meets FDA and USDA requirements.