Super Bright LED Assembly Provides Extensive Color Output Range with Optimal Thermal Performance

Jan. 17, 2009
Integrating four 1-W LED dieinto a single assembly for solid state lighting applications, TTelectronics OPTEK Technology has developed a star-shapedred/green/blue/amber LED assembly with exceptional thermalperformance.  Designated the OV4Z Optimal IV Star Series, theLEDs are offered in mono-color or RGBA packages and featurea recessed die design that houses four LED chips under a 5mmoptical-grade water clear lens. The assemblies achieve anextremely low thermal resistance of <2degreesC/W from junctionto heatsink."The combination of red, green, blue and amber high-brightness LEDsprovides solid state lighting designers with an extensive number ofcolor combinations," said Alan Bennett, vice president of sales forOPTEK Technology. "The star-shaped assembly results in a simplifiedmounting configuration, while the design of the part provides customerswith optimal luminous intensity and transfer of heat generated due toincreased current value."The OV4Z Series devices are exceptionally bright and ideally suitedfor applications including large signage; interior, exterior andlandscape architectural lighting; recreational areas such as pools,spas and boats; and specialty lighting including vending machines,display cases and stage lighting.The Optimal IV Star Series assemblies feature emitted colors of blue(455 - 460nm), green (530 - 535nm), red (620 - 630nm), amber(585 - 595nm), and daylight white. Typical forward voltage at 350mAranges from 2.5V to 3.9V for the RGBA devices, and 8.6V to 13.1Vfor the mono-color assemblies, while luminous flux at 350mA rangesfrom 5 lm to 36 lm and 29 lm to 162 lm, depending on LED color. Viewingangle for both the RGBA and mono-color assemblies is 60degreesC.Maximum allowable junction temperature is 130degreesC, with anoperating temperature range of -50degreesC to +100degreesC.The mono-color assembly is available with mounting pads, while theRGBA assembly is available with through-hole pins or mounting padsfor surface mount electrical connections, along with six locating slotsfor mounting screws. The assemblies are 0.83 inches (21mm) indiameter on a 0.04 inch (1mm) thick star-shaped PC board.