X3 Pump and Motor Family

Aug. 7, 2021

The X3 medium-duty pump and motor portfolio are designed to help OEMs improve machine control, productivity, and system life. Built for durability, the X3 motor pairs with back-to-back or single pump options, offering a 36% increase in the sideload capacity over previous generations of Eaton pumps. The portfolio is a Pro-FX Ready integrated solution that is available with a variety of controls, including a non-feedback electrohydraulic control, a hydraulic remote control, and manual servo control.


Eaton’s X3 two-speed cartridge motor is available in 41cc and 49cc displacements, providing more top-end horsepower at the wheel while ensuring most mid-frame mobile propel needs are covered. The motor also has a built-in speed sensor port, making it easy to add a sensor to measure speed and direction. Using a standard SAE B 2-bolt mount, the motor will fit into virtually any existing machine design and can also be positioned as a drop-in replacement for several motor configurations.