Cube67 Sets Benchmark in Automation Systems

Feb. 3, 2009
Murrelektronik's Cube67 is a modular and flexible field bus automation system. Through a newly developed extension, the module provides more power to the bus system to assist in the operation of high power demand valves and other devices.With 16 multifunctional 1.6 A input or output points and an additional 16 output points with up to 2A each, Cube67 is perfectly suited for applications like hydraulic valve management. The resulting increase in power coupled with the dual configuration options of the ports allows double valves to be conveniently connected to one port on the module.Cube67 processes up to 32 signals in a compact and robust package, allowing for flexibility in circuit design and expansion. Two separate load voltage circuits with up to 9 A can be realized via every 7/8” connector. As a result, four voltage circuits with 9A each can be realized within this single module. Murrelektronik designed the Cube67 as an extension module, ensuring that the system can be directly connected to additional modules for increased I/O management under one bus node.