Insect Screens are great for the spring and summer. They allow fresh air to enter the building while keeping insects out, allowing for a more efficient and controlled work environment. Since TMI acquired Flexbarrier Products in 2007, we have been asked the same question time and time again: How can I use my insect screen during the fall and winter? TMI, LLC’s Save-T Solutions division, the industry leader and one-stop shop for flexible PVC and energy control doors, has engineered a new, modular door system called the Screen-Pro™. The Screen-Pro™ offers an improved design over comparable industry models while adding a host of new features. The new, exclusive design allows for modular door panels, increasing energy savings, creating a more comfortable work environment, and keeping the door in use all year round!Each door can be made with bug mesh, bird mesh, clear PVC, or PVC coated vinyl panels. In the spring and summer, insert the bug or bird mesh panels into the custom extruded wind bars. When fall and winter roll around, simply pull the screen panels out and replace them with vinyl or clear panels. A solid vinyl or clear door creates a solid barrier that blocks against cold temperatures and weather. This design allows for energy savings and environmental control through the entire year.Other new features of the Screen-Pro™ include increased door speeds up to 14” per second, a breakaway bottom bar, a variety of control and activation styles, attractive valances, optional photo-eye safety feature, as well as options for manual back-up activation for motorized units in the event of power failure.Depending on traffic and application requirements, TMI’s Screen-Pro™ All-Season modular door system is a cost-effective alternative to expensive, fast-acting roll-up doors. Screen-Pro™ doors eliminate maintenance costs while cutting rising energy bills. Each door is custom made to fit any opening, and can mount in the door jamb, on the face of the wall, or around an existing overhead door.