FCA/FCAC-150 Hermetically Sealed Relays

Feb. 21, 2019

The FCA-150 and FCAC-150 series of relays are designed to perform under the most demanding environmental conditions of temperature, altitude, shock, vibration, and salt spray. Meeting the requirements of Mil-R-6106, the hermetically sealed, non-latching relays offer a 50-A switching capability in a compact package only one cubic inch in size and weighing less than 90 g. This compact package size offers considerable size and weight savings over other 50 amp devices on the market.


Rated for temperatures from -70 to +125°C and operation to 300,000 ft in high-vibration and high-shock environments, the FCA-150 and FCAC-150 series are available with an optional diode for transient protection. The FCAC-150 series offers auxiliary contacts with single-pole, double-throw operation at 2 A. Excellent isolation is maintained between main and auxiliary contacts. All current paths are welded and free of mechanical fasteners for additional robustness.


A polarized, single-side stable design results in appreciably increased contact pressure in both states compared to that of a spring-return non-polar design. The relays are configured as single-pole, single-throw devices with normally open contacts. A choice of three coil voltages is available: 6, 12, and 28V DC.