Feb. 13, 2009
Beswick Engineering announces the release of an ultra-miniature single-stage diaphragm pressure regulator designed to provide greater flow than the Beswick “PRD” series regulators.  The high flow regulator is offered in a 10-32 ported version “PRDHF” and a manifold mount version “PRDHF8”. The “PRDHF” high flow regulator sets an industry standard for miniaturization and is also exceptionally lightweight.  It is an excellent choice for gas and pneumatic pressure regulation applications and is particularly useful when space and weight are critical. The “PRDHF” weighs approximately 35 grams in brass & stainless steel and about 18.2 grams in aluminum. This non-relieving high flow regulator controls output pressures from 0 to 30 psig and is especially suited to low pressure regulation such as ½ psig. Maximum inlet supply pressure is 500 psig. Both the inlet and outlet ports are tapped 10-32 UNF. Its lightweight design allows convenient in-line mounting however a 10-32 threaded panel mount option is also offered. The “PRDH8” manifold mount version has similar features as PRDHF except it weighs 52 grams in brass and stainless steel, and the inlet is a 5/16-24 UNF external thread and outlet port is through a 0.094” diameter hole at the base of the regulator body. This design eliminates the need for fitting and tubing connections as the regular mounts directly to the surface of a manifold. O-ring face seals insure a leak-tight connection.Applications include hydrogen fuel cells, medical equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, ink jet print engines, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment as well as many others. Beswick has applied for patent protection on this unique pressure regulator.