Mini Photoelectric Sensors with Excellent Price-to-Performance Ratio

Jan. 30, 2009
Carlo Gavazzi has launched a new series of compact, versatile photoelectric sensors, offering exceptional features and outstanding value.      The new CGPS Series sensors feature a universal housing style which can be installed via the threaded M18 barrel, or secured with screws to a bracket via the mounting holes on the flat sides.  All of the sensors have both normally open and normally closed outputs, so the right output choice is always available. The sensors also feature a dual LED indication, and many models offer sensitivity adjustment via a potentiometer, therefore set up is simple and fast.   Connection options are plentiful as each model is available with your choice of a hard-wired cable, a M8 quick-disconnect plug, or a ‘pig-tail’ option which combines both cable and M8 quick disconnect plug.     The CGPS Series is available in three sensing technologies, each with exceptional sensing ranges. Diffuse reflective in 100 and 300 mm ranges, retro-reflective with a 6 meter range (including a 3 meter polarized option), and through-beam models in 6 and 20 meter ranges are offered.  All sensors are supplied by 10-30VDC, are compact in size, merely 13.5 x 29 x  35mm, and come with 150mA complementary transistor outputs.  Prices start at just $43.