LED Message Sign

Nov. 17, 2016
Lightning LED message sign makes it possible to convey information to the public quickly.

Lightning LED message sign makes it possible to convey information to the public quickly. Due to its compactness and unique capabilities, this ultra-portable, changeable message sign is capable of being positioned in locations where trailer-mounted LED signs cannot. 


Sign comes in a custom carrying bag with quick set-up instructions. Optional stands and mounts are similarly packaged for easy porting.

Sign's unique capabilities include:

  •   Hand-Portable Means Speedy Setup:  The LIGHTNING LED Message Sign weighs only 32 pounds and is designed to be transported by hand and set up and programmed in fewer than three minutes by one person. It breaks down quickly and stows conveniently in a SUV or car-trunk in its padded, water-resistant carrying bag.
  •   Universal Application:  Because it is not mounted on a trailer, it can go anywhere – indoors or outdoors – and costs a fraction of a trailer-based LED message sign. The LIGHTNING LED Message Sign can be set up and operating instantly on an existing pole or barricade, on the rear of a vehicle (hitch) or on its own quick-erect folding stand.
  •   Many-Message Capacity:  The sign’s memory can store hundreds of contingency messages for immediate call-up. All messages are retained indefinitely, when the unit is in storage – with no external power or battery required.
  •    Remote/Local Control:  Programming happens on the fly via local, wireless remote control or laptop software. LIGHTNING LED Message Signs can even be operated remotely via a wireless modem or hard-wired network.  
  •    Portable Power:  The product is unique in that it has an internal AC-rechargeable battery pack option that can power it for two days between charges. Its batteries and charger are contained within the unit and use the latest lithium iron phosphate technology for high capacity and light weight – only 10 pounds. The standard version of the sign can run straight-line DC from a vehicle’s light harness.
  •    LED Display:  The LIGHTNING LED Message Sign’s ultra-bright-red 38” x 5” LED display is designed to command attention even in full sunlight. Its intense red LED color communicates urgency instantly to the viewer. The display can be read by surface-street motorists or pedestrians at any distance up to 150 feet and can be programmed to rotate segmented messages in a variety of ways.
  •    Numerous Uses:  Public safety, emergency officials and first responders can use a LIGHTNING LED Sign at incident perimeters that require immediate public advisories. Public health departments can utilize it where motorists line up at points of vaccine dispensing (PODs). Airports can position the sign at entry points or anywhere the public needs to be advised of security issues. Transportation departments can use it where drivers encounter incidents, infrastructure failures or detours. Industrial/construction applications anticipate its use to inform truckers at parking, docking and loading areas. Hospitals can deploy it during surge events when citizens need to be directed to alternate facilities. Special events can direct patrons on access roads and parking lots. Commercial and private facilities of all kinds can use the sign in lobbies or parking areas to inform patrons entering and leaving. Should any facility require evacuation, the LIGHTNING LED Message Sign can be a lifesaver, directing patrons to the most efficient route to exit.