Keeping a handle on everything – the new safety system MGB

April 28, 2009
EUCHNER has been known as a specialist for safety switches for many years. "To protect a safety door, you need more components than just the individual safety switch," product manager Jens Rothenburg knows. From the door handle to the integrated guard lock monitoring, the MGB combines all necessary requirements to protect a safety door in accordance with EN ISO 13849 and EN 1088. The core of the modular system is the evaluation module, which is available with and without guard locking. In combination with a handle module and an optional escape release, the MGB protects almost every safety door. The functionality can be increased even further, explains Jens Rothenburg. The evaluation module is also available with integrated controls and indicators for enable, operating mode selection and many other functions. As a result the safety system becomes a small operator panel. "Implement customer requirements! This was the primary objective of this new development", emphasizes Michael Euchner, one of the two Euchner Directors. To create a future-proof, modular safety system with which the customer can tackle as many tasks as possible at once is, however, also a logical consequence of the increasingly complex safety requirements. And the concept has been well received! As customers confirm: "The resonance at the trade fair SPS/IPC/Drives, where the MGB was announced for the first time, was very positive", reports Stefan Euchner, also a Director and responsible for the sales area. "Our customers see the enormous saving potential of this complete solution."The consistently modular system design gives the user maximum flexibility while meeting safety requirements. Like a kit, bespoke solutions with and without guard locking can be realized by using the related module combination. The handle module used is always the same. Even if additional functions, such as integrated controls or an emergency stop are needed in an application, the customer simply needs to select an appropriate evaluation module that provides this function.Comprehensive and nevertheless well-structured diagnostic features are a further plus point. Along with the LED indicators on the device, all important status information is also available to the machine control via monitoring outputs.Tampering or bypassing the safety system is almost impossible. The evaluation module is connected to the handle module using RFID components (transponder). Each handle module is permanently allocated to the evaluation module by a teach-in operation. The system then only works in exactly this configuration. If a module is replaced, a new teach-in operation is required – a thoroughly safe way of doing things. At EUCHNER there is no doubt that complete solutions like the MGB will be a matter of course in the future. To make it as easy as possible for the customer to get started, EUCHNER will offer the system in various sets from April; the simplest version will provide protection at Performance Level e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. • Optimized for mounting on profles from 30 - 50 mm • Tolerance ± 4 mm in x direction, ± 5 mm in z direction • Locking force 2000 N • The MGB withstands forces amounting up to 300 Joule • Optional escape release with door handle