eTensifier High-Pressure Electric Pump

July 13, 2018
High Pressure Equipment Company's electric pump delivers up to 36,500 psi.

The eTensifer pump, the first-of-its-kind high-pressure electric pump system plugs into a wall outlet with no need for an air compressor. The portable, lightweight (46 lb.) pump delivers hydraulic/liquid pressures to 36,500 psi with a smoother flow rate from zero to full pressure and a quiet electric motor.


The eTensifier features SmartControl technology that allows for two operational modes: a traditional pressure knob for standard jobs and an industry-first pressure test mode that allows the user to set the desired pressure and walk away. In test mode, the controller will take the unit up to set pressure and then hold it to verify. The SmartControl technology also includes a cycle counter to assist in planning for routine maintenance.


The ProConnect system allows users to switch out the Sprague pump lower. This quick-connect system enables the operator to change out the pump lower with the loosening of a screw, facilitating a pump size change or maintenance replacement of the pump lower. The eTensifier pump can operate 8 different pump sizes, allowing companies to reduce inventory requirements.

High Pressure Electric Power:

  • Up to 36,500 psi
  • Needs no air compressor, plugs into a wall outlet
  • Portable, weighs only 46 lb.

3 Industry Leaders Combined Expertise:

  • Designed for Global conditions
  • Lightweight, portable unit
  • Integral pressure transducer

Smooth/Quiet Hydraulic/Liquid Intensifier:

  • Smoother flow rate from zero to full pressure
  • Electric motor quieter than air-powered pumps

ProConnect Lower:

  • It is possible to interchange pump lowers within the same pressure transducer range, <10k psi, <30 k psi, and >30 k psi

Smart Control:

  • Pressure knob feature for standard jobs
  • Pressure test mode
  • Cycle counter for routine maintenance planning


  • First-of-its-kind quick-change Sprague pump lower
  • Install a spare lower to finish your job
  • No more downtime in the middle of a job