Modular Pump Control Units

April 17, 2009
CRS’s patented, integrated Modular Pump Control (MPC) units provide: • Ease of installation • Elimination of potential leakage points and plumbing • Integrated flow, pressure and relief controls, P.O. checks and more • Lower installed cost in materials and labor • Lower extended costs • Use higher efficiency, lower noise vane pumps vs. gear pumps for applications such as balers and compactors, simple stamping operations or small winch equipment. • Available close coupled electric motors from 1.5 HP, single phase to 10 HP 3-phase. Standard C face motors are available for virtually any appropriate P/Q requirement. Available in displacements up to 20 GPM and pressures up to 2500 PSI. Integral controls may include: Flow control, Pressure controls, Relief function, P.O. checks and more.