April 1, 2009
Arcos Industries, LLC offers new bare wire and covered stainless steel electrodes, Arcos 316/316L, which are designed with lower carbon levels to increase resistance to intergranular corrosion. The Arcos 316/316L bare wire electrode (ER316/316L) is utilized for welding low carbon, molybdenum-bearing, austenitic alloys. It serves as a general purpose electrode for GMAW, GTAW and SAW welding as well as delivering improved corrosion and pitting resistance in marine and industrial environments. The Arcos 316/316L covered electrode (E316/316L) is also used for welding Type 316L and low carbon, molybdenum-bearing austenitic alloys. This electrode is well suited for pipe welding, especially in harsh industrial and marine applications. Arcos 316/316L bare wire electrodes are available in diameters from .035”- 3/16”. The covered are available with three different coatings, -15, -16 and -17, and in standard diameters of 3/32”-3/16” as well as non-standard diameters up to .250”.