EDL’s Flight Bar Wrapping System is ruggedly designed for multi-shift use. It is well suited for traditionally unstable products such as aerosol containers, personal care products, cans, cartons, and other small diameter or very light containers. EDL’s Flight Bar System offers total flexibility and product control for trayed and trayless product collations. In the example shown above we are wrapping spice canisters. Why an EDL Flight Bar Wrapping System? The Flight Bar maintains better control of the product and pulls film tighter around collations than other traditional shrink bundlers. This unique ability can help save as much as 10% on film, due to the film is pulled tighter around the pack before shrinking, and less energy is required to shrink the film to achieve an attractive pack. Aside for the obvious savings in film and energy, there is also less heat used and the system can therefore overcome issues with heat sensitive products or labels. The Flight Bar system operates by utilizing an indexing Flight Bar to ‘gather’ the product – trayed or trayless – and carrying it into the seal position. Unlike other flight bar feeding mechanisms that retract as the product is pushed through the film, EDL’s Flight Bar carries the product right through the film, thereby maintaining control of light or unstable products at all times. The Flight Bar actually carries the seal anvil, against which the seal jaw engages to create a snug sleeve of film around the product or collation. The film is metered out using controlled tension and, combined with the seal being in immediate proximity to the product, a snug sleeve is created. Once, the seal is complete the Flight Bar again indexes and gently moves the collated product to the Shrink Tunnel Conveyor. The fact that the Flight Bar (with seal anvil) never loses contact with the product is what makes the system well suited to very unstable or lightweight products. Variations on the Flight Bar method of bundling include Tuck-and-Fold Side Seals for total enclosure without the need for a Shrink Tunnel, Twin Stream systems for higher throughput applications and systems with removable collators to allow for trayed or trayless operation. The Flight Bar is also very flexible for co-packing operations as any product that fits between the flights can be accommodated at random with no changeover, regardless of length or height. Features and Benefits of the EDL Flight Bar Wrapping System: • Film savings of 10% • Effective and cost efficient means of unitizing products for multi-packs or bundling them for transport and storage purposes • Pulls collated products tightly together, producing a uniform shaped pack • Quick changeover • Energy Efficient Shrink Tunnel - saves energy and keeps operating costs down • Allows random pack sizes to be wrapped (within the size limitations of the film) for maximum flexibility Pack Styles: • Bull’s Eye Enclosure with Shrink • Total Enclosure by Tuck and Fold Side Sealers • Total Enclosure by Side Seal Jaws Applications Well Suited For This Machine: • Trayed and Trayless products running on same line • Heat Sensitive Products • Extremely Lightweight Products • Price Club Packs • Fulfillment Packagers • Contract Packaging• Will wrap packs requiring up to 28” film width, up to 24” length and up to 12” high, can be • modified to run longer products. • Speed of up to 15 - 20 packs per minute (dependent on pack size) • Standard electrical supply of 460 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz