PDC International Corp., a manufacturer of some of the industry’s most popular shrink tunnels, has introduced the “Ambiance” Hot Air™ Shrink Tunnels. These dry-heat tunnels were engineered and field-tested in conjunction with PDC Europe, in Montdidier, France, with successful installations throughout Europe and the Americas.    Based on twenty years of heat tunnel experience, they are ideal for shrink sleeve labels and multi-packs. PDC Ambiance shrink tunnels use a combination of three dry heat technologies: re-circulating hot air, blown hot air and PDC’s proprietary “SPAF” system, which injects cool air into the sleeve, controlling the areas of greatest shrink.  Ambiance produces highly consistent “steam-like” results where the use of steam is impractical or unavailable.  Ambiance provides perfect control of the sleeve temperature, from room temperature to shrink temperature.  Highly efficient and low in wattage, Ambiance only warms re-circulated air when required, resulting in large energy savings.  Shrink temperatures and heat application are precisely controlled, enabling the sleeve to conform perfectly to the container.  Sixteen directed nozzles are arranged in a precise, “ascend” profile for greatest control.  Heating elements are electronically regulated from 3kW to 18 kW, custom to the application.  Tunnel temperatures are self-monitoring, and adjust continually to compensate for the “thermal loads” of incoming product and prevent container distortion.  This is particularly important with full and chilled containers.   Ambiance tunnels provide exceptional flexibility performing over a wide temperature range, and are compatible with all major films, including PVC, PET, OPS, PLA and OPP, in gauges as thin as 40 microns.  Settings are easy to implement and repeat, for quick and precise changeovers.  Systems are available in painted steel construction and all have robust insulation.  Double skin on the doors and exterior walls provides a cool surface and insures operator safety.  Optional equipment includes conveyor with adjustable speed motor, and a powered tunnel stand that raises and lowers easily.Each Ambiance tunnel can shrink up to 200 containers per minute, depending upon the container configuration.  They are an excellent alternative to steam for primary shrink sleeving.  The tunnels accommodate products up to 5.5” in diameter and 12.5” in height.