SEDAR Auto Sensing Platform for Vehicles

June 1, 2023
TriEye's 2D and 3D imaging sensor platform is transforming sensing in the automotive sector.

The proprietary SEDAR platform uses Short-Wave InfraRed (SWIR) to offer 2D imaging and 3D determinative depth sensing to transform sensing in the automotive sector and emerging markets in robotics, commercial vehicle applications, consumer, and mobile devices.


Backed by Intel, Samsung, and Porsche, the SEDAR (Spectrum Enhanced Detection and Ranging) platform is a fraction of the cost of other sensor systems, such as Lidar in automotive. The platform delivers a step-change in the level and quality of information provided to enable entities to understand their surroundings in any condition and lighting.


SEDAR combines a SWIR image sensor and laser illuminator on a single platform for high spatial resolution long-range imaging and depth sensing in all lighting and weather conditions. Smaller in size, higher in resolution, and easier to integrate than other sensor technologies, SEDAR provides an entirely new sensing modality.


Built on the TriEye CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)-based HD SWIR sensor, it delivers a multi-beneficial, automotive-grade off-the-shelf solution to enhance safety and performance in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AV (Autonomous Vehicle) applications. The system can be integrated with existing ISP and AI algorithms, removing the barriers of training and the need to develop new object classification algorithms, and is unaffected by other illumination sources, including sunlight and light from other devices and oncoming vehicles.


SEDAR can work at distances of more than 650 ft (200 m) while also being able to perform for shorter-range applications with a wide field of view. The platform is fully scalable and provides a readymade bolt-on solution to deliver a step change for commercial vehicles operating in busy and hazardous environments, and is also suited for use with consumer products.

Range: 328 to 656 ft (100 to 200 m)

  • Provides HD SWIR imaging & 3D determinative depth sensing under all operating conditions.
  • Detects through dust, smoke, opaque surfaces, and extreme heat
  • Resistant to sun glare, headlights, and ambient noises
  • Synchronized data streams: HD image and accurate depth information in the form of an HD depth map, with deterministic depth calculation per pixel
  • Captures a minimum of 5 million pps
  • Meets most challenging scenarios in the ADAS/AV world