WIP (Work In Process) Software for Manufacturers

May 14, 2009
Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond, Washington software developer, specializing in data collection applications for the manufacturing industry, has announced the release of a low cost Work In Process software program based on bar code technology. Release of Work In Process DSI has announced the immediate release of Work in Process, targeted for manufacturers who want to know Who is assigned the job, Where it is in the plant now, and How long it's been in that location. The work-order can be tracked to department, task or employee; multiple jobs many be assigned to the "Badge"; timeframes may be set for each task and reported when overdue. I’m impressed with the simplicity and adaptability of your WIP Management System. It’s affordable for all companies, even those with just a few employees,” stated Bill Allen, Process Control Consultant. Cost Justification Advantages to a WIP Program includes: reduction of late jobs, ability to identify bottlenecks, improvement in productivity, reduction of employees frustrations and increased customer service. “Our customers see a typical payback for the WIP program within 3-4 months,” states Alison Falco, President of Dynamic Systems.