Industry’s first automated orbital weld head

May 20, 2009
Apparent Technologies, Inc. introduces of the R50™ and R100™ Orbital Weld Heads. Using your existing power supply, and our patented orbital weld head, significant production and accuracy improvements are finally available for the orbital welding process. These weld heads feature automated electrode centering, automated hands-free clamping with alignment sensing/verification, and quick-change collets. The R50™ welds 1/8” to ½” OD tubing, and the R100™ welds ¼” to 1” OD tubing. The combination of electrode centering, automated clamping, and alignment verification provides the most accurate and efficient welding process available. Missed seams are virtually eliminated with automated electrode centering. Automated clamping is much faster than other available methods and requires no tools. Alignment verification removes the guesswork, and greatly simplifies limited access welding. There is no longer a need to visually inspect the fit-up. These benefits combine to reduce the cost-per-weld as demonstrated in our field test. The test site utilized a well developed process geared for high volume welding. They realized a return on investment of less than five months, with a production increase of 200%. Additionally they documented a reduction in cost of ownership. Utilizing their existing AMI 207™ power supplies minimized their initial investment and surprisingly reported additional savings on electrodes, electricity, and purge gas. The customer was thoroughly impressed with the results and recommended that we name the product “The Revolution Series”, which inspired the product name scheme. Ranging from 1/8” up to 1” the R50 and R100 offer some of the industry’s most compact weld heads, allowing for the tightest weld configurations possible. Stainless and ceramic construction and auto-cooling provide for a high duty cycle. Snap-in collets and a quick-disconnect weld cable allow for speedy configuration changes.