May 13, 2009
Providing lighting designers with a high-brightness, long lasting LED lighting solution, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has expanded its offering of star-shaped LED assemblies. Designated the Optimal XIV Star Series, the assemblies feature multiple white LEDs with a luminous flux range up to 650lm, while the design provides superior thermal performance by recessing its multiple die into a metal core PC board. “With the exceptional thermal resistance of just 1.8°C from junction to heatsink, the assemblies are able to operate brighter and last longer, while also minimizing the power output required,” said Alan Bennett, vice president of sales for OPTEK Technology. “Due to their remarkable efficiency, the assemblies are being specified for use in applications ranging from architectural lighting to portable flashlights.” Additional applications for the Optimal XIV Star Series LED assemblies include security and garden lighting, indoor and outdoor commercial lighting, light guides, and MR16 lighting. Available with cool white, daylight white or warm white LEDs, the Optimal XIV Star Series OV14Zxx-y LED assemblies feature multiple 1-watt chips in a recessed cavity with an optical grade 8mm diameter lens. Typical viewing angle for the LED assemblies is 120°, with a typical emitted CCT of 3300°K, 5400°K and 6500°K, depending on LED specifications. Total luminous flux, depending on device, ranges from 200lm to 650lm, with a maximum current drive range from 700mA to 1400mA, and forward voltage of 10.0VF. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C. Other specifications, including alternative custom lens designs, are also available.