HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting fixtures are known for their dependable, long life, but tens of thousands of HID fixtures have been in constant use for decades and are now beyond their useful life. EYE Lighting’s new Fixture Analyzer Kit is designed for maintenance personnel to quickly identify HID fixtures that are past their useful life, thus saving time and money. Once they have exceeded their useful life, fixtures are no longer able to provide the minimum current and voltage required to properly operate lamps. In many cases, lamps will cycle on and off, or simply not start a short time after installation into these aged fixtures. Maintenance costs increase because of repeated trips to the same poles or fixtures to replace burned out lamps when the real cause of failure can be traced to the fixture. With EYE Lighting’s new Fixture Analyzer Kit, the actual testing takes less than a minute. It features a Test Socket Adapter (with safety lead connectors) that screws into the fixture socket, allowing maintenance personnel to safely perform the test without reaching into the wiring box with test probes while the fixture is energized. A hard-shell carrying case protects the meter and serves as a storage container to keep all of the components together.