V-Twin™ Magnetic Field Sensor

May 7, 2009
Balluff has expanded its magnetic field sensor portfolio with the new V-Twin™ - two sensors, one connector.This revolutionary low profile design allows the user to reduce installation time and cost by requiring only one four conductor cable with either M8 or M12 connections for two end of stroke sensors. Because the BMF V-Twin has just one connection for two sensors, it is ideal for detecting multiple positions on pneumatic grippers and cylinders and doubling the number of sensors in a multiple interface box.The new BMF V-Twin is available in several sizes and form factors to cover applications from grippers and short stroke cylinders to C-Slot, T-Slot round and tie rod cylinders, in some cases without requiring additional mounting brackets. Weld field immune versions are also available.The Balluff V-Twin magnetic field sensors use magneto-resistive technology to detect the piston magnet through the aluminum wall of the cylinder. Advantages of Balluff magnetic field sensors include universal compatibility with either "Hall Effect" or "Reed Switch" cylinder magnet polarizations, reduction or elimination of double switch points, higher noise immunity, and elimination of electrical contact wear and sticking. Balluff magnetic field sensors come with short circuit, overload, reverse polarity protection and a lifetime warranty.? Two Sensors – One Connector, use one four-conductor cable with either M8 or M12 connector ? Available in multiple mounting configurations ? Save installation time, installation material, and sensor costs ? Overvoltage, overload, and reverse polarity protected ? High noise immunity and no double switch points ? Lifetime warranty